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Name:Sanzo and Hakkai
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A Sanzo/Hakkai Saiyuki Fanfic Community
Welcome to Sanzo and Hakkai (A Saiyuki 8/3 Community). Membership is open to all, though we do have certain rules to help keep the community user-friendly.

1. This community is only for fanfic, fanart, and discussion that focuses on Sanzo and Hakkai. Any posts must revolve around the relationship between Sanzo/Hakkai or Tenpou/Konzen. The relationship can be friendship, romantic, PWP, or anything else that comes to mind as long as it focuses on that pairing. We do allow threesome or moresome fics, but it must have Hakkai/Sanzo or Tenpou/Konzen playing the main role in the relationship.

2. When posting please put include in your subject line either [Fanart], [Fanfic], or [Dis].

3. Please include a post header with the following information:

Disclaimer: I do not own Saiyuki.

4. Put all fanfic, fanart, or discussion under a cut. No matter how big or small, make sure to put it under a cut.

5. All fics that have sexual content must be labeled as 18+ and set to members only.

6. You are not allowed to sell things on this community, so all posts regarding selling mangas or the like will be deleted.

7. If you have questions, please feel free to PM me.

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